mardi 30 juillet 2013

The association

Next year the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing will take place. To commemorate that event and celebrate those 70 years of Peace on our continent, the ACCBA (Association Cloche de la paix et de la liberté pour la Cathédrale de Bayeux) was created in order to symbolize that event through the casting of a new bell for the cathedral of Bayeux.
The ACCBA is patronized by the diocese of Bayeux, supported by the “Normandie Mémoire” association and the "Comité du Débarquement", and the local civil authorities. It wishes to engrave in bronze, at the very heart of that thousand-year-old monument spared by WWII, the liberation of France and Europe and especially the Peace for which all of us today are the depositaries and the guarantors of tomorrow.
This international and intergenerational memory project makes concrete in a symbolic way and at a local level the friendship between the people. In this spirit, this new bronze lady will be christened by young people from different nationalities and it will celebrate in its own way the Peace and Liberty for the times to come.